Say What? A Glossary of Teen Slang

Say What? A Glossary of Teen Slang

WebMD Feature from "Good Housekeeping" Magazine

For confused parents, a guide to what your kids are really saying. Buthurry...they''ll be on to something new before you know it.

BF, GF (abbrs., boyfriend, girlfriend) "My friends and I use itonline when we''re talking about who''s going out with who. It''s faster-Iwouldn''t even think of typing the full word anymore."
-Michelle, 15, Stillwater, MNperle bleue

BF4L (abbr., best friends for life) "It''s how we sign off instantmessenger. And we''ll say it to clear things up if we''ve had a fight."
-Josie, 14, Carmel, CAxtrasize action

Busted (adj., ugly) "Sometimes I''ll be walking down the hall andI''ll hear someone say ��Ew,
that girl''s busted.'' It''s pretty mean, and people shouldn''t say it."
-Danielle, 14, Louisville, KYcomo adelgazar en una semana

Cheddar (n., cash) "I''ve heard it said like, ��I need some cheddarto buy this new video game.''"
-Kody, 12, Louisville, KYdji phantom 3 standard

Chillaxin (v., chillin'' combined with relaxin'') "My friends sayit if I call them after sports practice to see what they''re doing."
-Arielle, 16, Wrentham, MA30 day change bewertungen

Crunk (adj., awesome) "My friends say it like, ��Dude, you shouldhave been there last night-it was crunk.'' It may have started as a combinationof crazy and drunk, but now we use it to describe any awesome time."
-Billy, 15, Westlake, OHcellinea efekts

MOS, DOS, POS (abbrs., mom over shoulder, dad over shoulder, parentover shoulder) "Guys will type it if they''re talking to a girlfriendonline. Maybe they''re embarrassed and don''t want their parents toknow."
-Will, 15, Charleston, SCantispur duo forte ár

Emo (abbr., emotional. Originally a category of rock music, it nowdescribes a dramatic person who listens to those songs.) "You''re usuallycalled it if you seem like the depressed type."
-Justine, 13, Colonia, NJone two slim comentarii

G (n., friend) "It can be a funny way to say goodbye, like, ��Seeya later, G.'' It''s short for ��homey G.''"
-Sydney, 13, Lawrence, KSacolo

Home skillet (n., friend) "I''ve heard it said like, ��Yo, what''sup, home skillet?''" -Willalergyx

Money (adj., cool) "If someone shows you a new jacket and youlike it, you can just say ��Money.''"
-Sylvia, 15, Boston, MA

My bad (n., my mistake) "If I make a bad pass at ball practice,I''ll say ��My bad'' to a teammate." -Scott, 16, Columbus, OH

Off the chain (adj., cool) "If there was a really fun party,people might say ��Oh man, that party was off the chain.''"

OMG (abbr., oh my God!)
"It started on instant messenger, but now we''ll actually say it out loud.Like if you see someone acting weird, you might turn to a friend and say��OM-G!''"
-Delane, 15, Salem, OR

Rides (n., sneakers) "People say ��Don''t step on my rides'' or��Check out my new rides.''"
-John, 13, Charleston, SC

Tope (adj., cool) "It''s a mixture of the words tight and dope,which both mean ��cool.''" -Sylvia

Wanksta (n., a person who tries to act tough) "It was in a rapsong-that''s how people caught on to it. You can say it to call a person out fortrying to be cool."
-Chris, 12, Arlington, TX


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