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Because it is Manufacturer Direct Health

Our team of experts have worked in the health and beauty industry for many years as formulators and manufacturers. We got tired of being asked to make cheap or (inexpensive) products, where we made only a little money, while seeing the marketers, distributors, wholesalers and retailer making most of the money.dji mavic pro youtube

If we tried to put the best ingredients in a product to really make it work, by the time everyone put their markup on it, the price would be too high for the consumer.mackeeper

The Problem in the Past

As manufacturers, when we tried to sell health and beauty products directly in the past, we could not get the visibility or traffic because none of us could not spend the kind of money it takes to market the products. Secondly we didn’t want to compete with our brand name clients that paid the bills. The third problem was that as manufacturers we couldn’t be experts in everything, so we were limited to offering only the kind of product we were good at making and had good access to raw materials. This meant we could not offer a complete line of Health and Beauty products.fito spray beoordelingen

The Solution

As formulators and manufacturers we figured out a way to link top manufacturers together to create an incredible on line market place that gives the consumer our best products at a fair price.tsi system

Where comes in

  1. We work directly with manufacturers to have them manufacture the best products they can and we pay them direct so they make more money and the consumer gets awesome products at great prices.
  2. We cut out multiple middle men by selling directly on-line to you, so you get great products at great prices.
  3. The manufacturer ships direct to you, so the product is fresh, and has the longest shelf life to you the consumer, and we don’t have to pay a fulfillment house to warehouse the product. Again, you get great products at great prices.

If you have input about a product we want to know about it, we have direct access to the manufacturer that made it. They take pride in their work, and in many cases they formulated the product, so they like to hear feedback from us on their products. Since they are the ones who make it, they want to improve their products, because now the manufacturers are finally making products for the consumer not the middle men. Once again, you get great products at great prices.revomuscle

We want to create a health revolution in this industry, and we have plan on what not to do and what to do to make that happen.gemini 2 login

What you won’t see with health and beauty products.

You won’t see are thousands and thousands of products. If you have ever gone into a large supplement store it is easy to be overwhelmed with what you are looking for. On average a large supplement store can carry over 400,000 items and can have 8-15 brands of the same product or variations of the product. This is overwhelming to most consumers, and the general consumer doesn’t really know which manufacturers are best, which formulas are best, who uses the best ingredients, who follows good manufacturing standards and who does not, who cuts corners and who really cares they product a good product. Ultimately price conscious consumers pick a lower cost product with the best label and have no idea if they made the right choice.climax control pills review

You see marketing companies make money by creating products; in the past, the business model, manufacturers had to make what the marketing companies will buy. That strategy is to make and introduce more and more products. Many times the products can be just one single ingredient. The other obvious secret is, they want you to have a cupboard full of bottles. The more bottles you buy the more money they make. The average baby boomer has between 20-40 nutritional supplements at home and many with much more. In the past it has not been about giving you the best, most effective, cost efficient product you need, it is about selling you the next new product, ingredient, or bottle of something that you just have to have. The marketing companies many times are selling hope in a bottle. The more hope they put out their more bottles they sell. It is not in their best interest to create combined formulas that give you what you need in just a few bottles.

What you will see is a limited number of products in the functional health categories. We don’t usually sell single ingredient formulas, and we don’t try to compete with standard vitamins and mineral supplements that you can get at Costco or Wal-Mart. As an example if you have high blood pressure wouldn’t it be great to see the top products from the best manufacturers that work together in the 4 key areas to have the most positive effect on blood pressure? We research manufacturers and the products they make. We pick only a limited number the best, unique, effective, products for a certain segment or health concern. So you as the consumer know you get a great product at a great price, with the quality that is second to none. Because of our research you don’t get lost the maze of products out their, you get the advantage of our experts, who have research the field and found the best products that will make a difference in your health.

Our Approach

We are presenting products in a way to help you find what you want… By Condition. So, we list the most common ailments such as weight, joint discomfort, energy, sleep, etc. and then we give you the best products for those categories. Not only that, we give you meaningful information about each product – what it does, how it works, the ingredient make-up, etc. You also need to know how long it takes for the product to be beneficial in your body. You would be surprised how many products need weeks to develop the result you want. Lastly, we tell you about the manufacturer, so you can appreciate the history, experience and capability.

How frustrated have you been in walking past retail shelves of health products, not finding what you want, and when you find your category, not being able to distinguish one product from another. Then, you have to rely on retail clerks who many times have too little experience and knowledge to help you pick the right product. You cannot get explanations in a store that you will get here.

You also see in this market, products with multiple ingredients, so that you don’t need 40 bottles in your cupboard. We select manufacturers who have developed complex formulas in order to provide more than one benefit. When you investigate the amount of any ingredient in these products, you may find you are getting enough of a certain vitamin to be able to stop using another product. In fact, with many ingredients, you want to make sure you are not taking too much – it can be harmful.

Be aware that there are different types of formula solutions for a similar condition. For example, there are three or four different ways to combat a health condition such as diabetes. You need to know the intent of the formula and what it is designed to accomplish in your body. And, how this is different than another formula? Any one formula may not be as effective for any one individual as another.

We don’t guarantee success of any one product. We don''t make claims. We will bring you the best and most effective products we can find. We do guarantee quality ingredients and a solid, research based formula. AND, WE TELL YOU what the formula is designed to support in helping your body maintain posive heatlh. Leave to others to oversell benefits and to get into trouble with the FDA and FTC. We are here as an honest, educational resource.