Eco-friendly Alternatives To Plastic Shower Curtains

Eco-friendly Alternatives To Plastic Shower Curtains

Most households have realised the need to incorporate greener alternatives in their home improvement. It therefore make sense to realize that shower curtains even your lovely mickey mouse shower curtains, especially those made from plastic, also can be changed. Below is a write up about this subject matter and how you can incorporate the “green” concept in your own home.

Plastic shower curtains are the number one culprit when it comes to gas or bad odour emission. They are even worse when they are new. Let us delve right into our topic for the day.linq fluent iskustva

If you live in a dry climatic area then consider buying Hemp shower curtains. The reason why I favour it in drier areas is that it takes quite sometime to dry.kankusta duo forte

Due to the amount of time it takes for it to dry up, it is possible for it to start developing some mold and may require regular washing. As you probably know continuous washing is not good for the fabric. Check your local store or buy online for about $90.

You can also avoid buying any kind of a plastic curtain and go for fabric. Make sure the one you buy dries up quickly and can be washed using a washing machine. My best pick is nylon but you can try out other options. Find something that comes with a very tight weave and can repel water adequately. This could cost you something like $20. This is a good alternative to Hemp because it dries better and does not build up mold or soap scum. You can pick any color you want and any style like a red paisley shower curtain or simply find a purple shower curtain of your choice. Just make sure it fits well with your bathroom deco.

I said I hate plastic, yes, but I will not withhold the truth and not tell you that there are a few green curtains that you can buy – if you must stick with plastic.