What is BEST?

What is BEST?

BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) assists clients with healing by removing nerve system interference that causes pain, discomfort, and illness. It is a very gentle, non-force technique that operates on the same theoretical principle of removing neurological blockages as traditional chiropractic work, making it ideal for working on children as well as aging adults.

Think of BEST as an upgrade or "reset" for your body''s computer system. Sticking with our computer metaphor, any "glitch" in your system - hardware (physical), software (emotional or mental) or power supply (energetic) - will logically keep your body from attaining or maintaining a complete and balanced state of health and wellness.perle bleue

This comprehensive health science was created by Dr. M. T. Morter and is taught in several chiropractic colleges and through seminars throughout the country. More recently, this healing technique has been opened up for other health practitioners to learn and practice. Kimberly Meyer-Straw, our owner and a therapist, practices this technique with her clients - helping them achieve the health results they need. Kimberly is the only practitioner offering this technique in Northern Colorado.mass extreme composición

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Through a system of strengthening and enhancing the mind-body connection, your body will be able to function properly and heal.which

Healing is ALWAYS an internal process. Even Western medicine can only "treat" a dis-ease or condition with pharmaceuticals meant to kill the germ or pathogen, basically supplementing the body''s natural immune response. The restoration to health is still left to the body''s power of rejuvenation and regeneration. BEST avoids the need for pharmaceutical influence by restoring full function to the body, thereby boosting the body''s ability to fight off infection, lower stress responses, improve muscle and skeletal health.proengine ultra arvostelut

BEST is performed with clients fully-clothed, laying on a comfortable massage table. A typical treatment lasts from 15-30 minutes.insemin woman

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