Job Description: You will gain weight

Job Description: You will gain weight

I had to laugh when I saw the title of our recent blog, “Gaining weight? Blame your desk job.” Thats because, when it comes to weight gain, I could be said to work in a particularly toxic environment. The new study our blog reported on linked less physical activity on the job with the expansion of girth in our population. But as part of the group that evaluates and rates food for Consumer Reports, I not only sit for hours every day, but Im also required to nosh all day long. Trying to lose a bit of weight? Too badweve got 15 ice creams to taste!

Now, there is one trick I use to lessen the health impact of tasting food all day long: spit everything! In fact, Im required to spit out everything I taste for work, to keep my palate fresh. But even trying my best, after the first couple of years in this job I noticed a definite upward creep on the scale.chocolate slim opinie

It doesnt help that I happen to love (and I mean love) food. My job can be a lot of funhow many people can say that they got to nibble their way through 20 or more boxes of chocolates at work? Or searching out and tasting slices from the best pizzerias you can find across New York City to define what excellent pizza tastes like? But unless someday I want to carry those food experiences with me on my hips, I have to constantly battle how my job affects my weight.još

Not an easy thing. I have to be extra careful about what I eat outside of testingsplurges are rare (no cheesecake, thanks-I tasted 30 chocolate chip cookies today). I load my plate with produce at mealtime, saving calories and, I hope, balancing out my nutritional intake a bit. (Sour cream with my potato? Ummmsorry, I just finished evaluating sixteen Swiss cheeses.)natürliche penisvergrößerung

I also cant allow myself to get lazy. A day off from exercise? Too badIve got two weeks of chicken soup samples to make up for. Dont feel like parking in the back of the lot and walking further to get into the building? Tough luckwere picking apart pasta. Shoot a quick e-mail or walk to the other end of the building to talk in person? Potato chips today, so better walk it.xtrasize таблетки

Know whats a great motivator to keep working so hard to undo the damage of all that tasting? Telling someone that Im a food tester for my job, and hearing the amazement in their voice as they exclaim But you dont look like you test food!crema goji sirve

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