Here’s How To Save Hundreds of Dollars On Internet, Cable and Phone Bills (Plus Get a Better Phone and Plan)–Guaranteed!

Here’s How To Save Hundreds of Dollars On Internet, Cable and Phone Bills (Plus Get a Better Phone and Plan)–Guaranteed!
The battle of the phones

The battle of the phones.

I love Canada, but I’ll be one of the first people to admit that the cost of living here is a tad higher than our neighbourhood south of the border. And one of the things that really eat up people’s money is the phone bill.kankusta duo preis

I’ve seen first-hand those who pay hundreds of dollars for just themselves in one phone bill cycle. That money could go elsewhere–And the crazy thing is, it’s not hard to keep all your internet, cable or phone bills at bay (and very ethical for that matter).fungaxim forum

I think the only reason why not everybody takes advantage of the strategy I’m about to share with you is because they’re just not aware of it.dji phantom 3 manual

My husband is the king of this and has helped and managed to get many people on board. We have tested this method across different types of personalities, from the most assertive to the most timid, and it never fails!testerone xl precio

What you need to know is that if you’re not comfortable speaking, you can always authorize a representative to speak on your behave. This is an awesome solution if you know someone whose first language is not English and whose money is being chewed up by internet and cable providers–help them out! I highly recommend and encourage everyone to try this out. You have nothing to lose but an opportunity to save.revitalum mind plus dosierung

Here’s what you do

Call up your internet, cable or phone pride hatás

Once you’re on the line with a representative, let he or she know that you’d like to cancel your current service or contract.probolan 50 funciona

You should now be directed to a customer relations representative. If not, request to speak to two slim

Once you’re with a customer relations representative, say once again that you’d like to cancel your current service.dji mavic pro

They will ask you why. Let them know that the current service is too expensive and that you can no longer afford pride форум

They will automatically see what they can do for you and often give you a better deal than anything you see advertised or imagined.morithin 500 composición

Write down the reference number they give you as backup or proof, and ask for the name and phone number of the customer relations you are speaking to.acai berry 900 forum

What you’re actually doing

When you’re using the method above, you’re demanding a mutual and respectful business relationship. It may sound overboard, but it isn’t. This is especially true with big corporations who monopolize the phone and cable industry–they want our business and they know that to lose one client is to give one away to their competitors.pure muscle x beoordelingen

I know that there are a few providers in Canada who do not care about customer relations, so this method will not work. But chances are, if that is not on their list of priorities, then I’m sure they fare poorly in customer service and other areas. But my question is, would you want to stay with a provider who does not value your business?upsize mišljenja

Case Studies

One individual was paying $30 a month for 100 MB under a flex plan (plus $100 for the portable stick). After calling in to speak to a customer relations representative, he received $100 credit back, a total of 6 G on his dataplan (to use it for internet research) and a new smartphone. The reason why my husband showed and guided him through this method was because he went over 100 MB to do his schoolwork within a day and paid $50 for it. Imagine if he stayed with his current plan for the rest of the time.dr farin man composição

Another individual payed more than $50 bucks for a very very bad phone plan and a “stupid” phone (the opposite equivalent of a “smart”phone). She authorized someone to speak on her behalf, and after the dealing, she now pays the same amount but has unlimited texting, local calling and 3 G of dataplan–plus a Samsung Galaxy S3.

And in all cases, these individuals really could not afford their current plan or is not getting their full value. Customer relations are more sympathetic and attuned to your circumstance–talk to them!

Please let me know if you’ve tried this and the outcome of it. I’d love to hear from you!