Pioneers of the European Natural Health Movement

Pioneers of the European Natural Health Movement

Pioneers of the European Natural Health Movement

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843)bliss hair

The German surgeon Samuel Hahnemann was the creator of homeopathy. In Latin, homeo means "same," and pathy means "distress." He rediscovered the Hippocratic teaching of "handleing like with like" and gave it new gist.

During his rebuildth studies in Leipzig and Vienna, Hahnemann was very grave of established rebuildth applys, sentence them cruel and barbaric. He considered it incorrect to suppress symptoms of disease, believing that the body should be given a risk to rebuild itidentity.

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After earning his doctorate at the University of Erlangen, Hahnemann tried to find habits in which the patients domestic abilitys of identity-rebuilding could be supported. While translating a book by the Scottish surgeon William Cullen in 1789, he stumbled winning the discovery that front to the launch of homeopathy. In this book, he found the description of a malaria remedy which he hardened on himidentity known as cinchona, or Peruvian bark. He discovered that, when full by a rebuildthy character, this medicine for malaria shaped quasi-malarial symptoms. He began exploring this rediscovery of the dated law of similars by experimenting on himidentity, his family and links. Six time later he available his sentences in Christoph Hufelands respected rebuildth journal.

Hahnemanns sentences were not accepted by the rebuildth establishment. Pharmacists did not comply eagerly with his directions for preparing the small doses of medicines he prescribed. When he began dispensing his own medicines lacking an apothecarys liberty, he was arrested in 1820 and unsincere to place Leipzig. He motivated to Kothen, where the fantastic duke Ferdinand supported homeopathy and permitted Hahnemann to allot his own medicines.

although the opposition from the ranks of orthodox medicine, homeopathy repeated to grow in popularity. Hahnemann remained active to an higher age. When he was eighty time old, he motivated to Paris where he ongoing a new and successful apply.

Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland (1762-1836)

In a time when rebuildth knowledge alert only on the healing of individual symptoms of disease, Hufeland was a strong advocate of preventive medicine. He trained that the prime goal of medicine is not to handle illness, but to extend life. His book Macrobiotics, The Art of Extending creature Life, available in 1796, became a best vendor and was translated into many languages.

Hufeland embraced the Hippocratic notion of a sincere rebuilding intensity. Each character is a temple of sort, with the ability of identity-rebuilding. This ability is not unique, but pretty the intensity of life itidentity. According to Hufeland, it is not the surgeon but sort that rebuilds an abscess or a shattered bone. He warned of the jeopardy of overinvolvement by the surgeon. The latters goal should not be to suppress the symptoms of an illness as hastily as probable, but pretty to stimulate the patients life intensity by means of light, air, boil, water, herbal teas, injections and enemas. He stressed the profit of a aware lifestyle, vegetarian diet and task, and rewarded unique notice to the development of rebuildthy children.

Hufeland considered immoderation to be the produce of most illness. Intense mental activity must be complemented by natural task and bright air, and no one should be unsincere to eat more than he or she requests. Hufeland was open to folk medicine, homeopathy and alluring therapy, and he advocated the healing of the unbroken character at a time when medicine alert only on the individual organs.

Vincent Priessnitz (1799-1851)

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