Family Guy Online Beta

Family Guy Online Beta

Family Guy Online, “The world’s first MMLOL”, is now free for the community to try in it’s open beta phase. It is a free-to-play browser based game where you can team up with fellow citizens in order to complete quests which are very closely related to some Family Guy episodes so you’ll get an even bigger laugh if you’re already a fan of Seth Macfarlane!

The game starts out with (stating the obvious) creating your own citizen of Quahog. You are first asked to select an original Family Guy character (Stewie, Brian, Chris, Meg, Peter or Lois) in order to attain their characteristics so kinda of like a class… For example if you pick Stewie you will possess the following attributes:occupy wall st

  • Fragile – Basically, due to him being a baby and all he is very weak and can’t take a lot of punishment
  • Art of War – He’s an evil mastermind so he will do a lot of dps
  • Jack of All Trades – Freakishly clever so very versatile at whatever he does

You will then be allocated to a screen where you can pretty much fully customize your character from different heads, facial features, skin colour, clothing, giving them a name etc. Although it doesn’t give as much customisation as other games like Skryim it provides a fairly large pool to choose from so you can make your character stand out from others. As you play the game you will notice that the best thing about it is that everything is practically the same as in the T.V series like the layout of the rooms and objects within them are the same, the voices and sound effects are the same and the same kind of graphic art has been retained (thankfully) which makes the experience very thrilling and fun. I especially enjoyed the quest to catch the Greased-up deaf guy:kiedy

and also meeting my buddy Quagmire, gi.. gig.. giggity!revo muscle preis

Anyways, visit the offical site and sign up for free if you want to try the game out! atsiliepimai

Here’s some gameplay reviewed by MMOHut to give you some idea of what the game is like:dji phantom 3