What is Hidden Orchard?

What is Hidden Orchard?

Hidden Orchard, now in the planning stage will be sebopro купить

  • a 60 guest room luxury health-oriented destination spa.
  • located in the under-served Midwest market,
  • targeting the high-demand drive-to markets where about 1 million health-oriented destination spa-goers currently reside,
  • 70 miles from Chicago near the highly popular Southwest Michigan/Northwest Indiana upscale vacation destination area that borders Lake Michigan
  • on a 71-acre site reminiscent of the Provence region of France, with rolling hills, 5 lakes and ponds, and hardwood forests - an 8-minute drive from Lake Michigan,
  • expanded to include a 40 on-site luxurious spa cottages of about 1,800 square feet each offered for sale 4 to 5 years after opening.

Hidden Orchard’s vision is to establish a competitive advantage by morithin 500 precio

  • bringing a proven business model, the luxury destination spa,
  • to the under-served Midwest market, where there is high demand,
  • focusing on the flawless delivery of a healthy lifestyle vacation in a beautiful environment and sought-after location, and
  • being the first destination spa constructed using U.S. Green Building Council guidelines and recommendations.

Hidden Orchard will offer a healthy vacation with wellness, fitness, relaxation and stress management activities, therapeutic spa treatments, and delicious healthy cuisine. Guests will experience a new sense of health, well-being, and ability to cope with stress after spending a vacation at Hidden Orchard. A vacation at Hidden Orchard will not only delight guests, it will also motivate them to adopt healthy living practices in their everyday lives. pure muscle x

Hidden Orchard’s goals includeturbo max blue

  • becoming one of the top five destination spas in North America within three years after opening, and sustaining that position through continuing improvements,
  • establishing a strong brand name that will attract premium prices and demand for on-site luxury spa cottages, and will be extendable to other products and services both on-site and beyond,
  • achieving and sustaining average occupancy rates exceeding 60%, and
  • achieving status as a “Winning Workplace” in which employees are respected partners in achieving and sustaining a world-class destination spa with best-in-class staff, programs, and facilities.

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