What is Emphysema

What is Emphysema

Emphysema is an illness that is often referred to under overarching term of COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. While COPD includes chronic bronchitis, though, emphysema is also an ailment on its own. Emphysema causes aren''t terribly varied. The most common cause of emphysema is smoking, though second-hand smoke and certain chemical and gas exposures can also be the cause. In certain rare cases, emphysema is the result of a genetic disorder.

Emphysema Stages

The first stage of emphysema may be unnoticeable to the person suffering from the illness. Even as the interior of their lungs begins to suffer from irreversible destruction, they may not be aware of any symptoms, or simply ignore those symptoms as a ''smoker''s cough'' or a slight breathlessness. As early as this stage, though, any physical damage done by emphysema is irreversible. What emphysema does is destroy the inner walls of the clusters of alveoli in the lungs. These walls are the areas that absorb oxygen from the air into the body. As the stages of emphysema progress, the symptoms will as well. They can change from mild to deadly with varying speeds, depending on the overall health of the person in question, as well as the variety of treatment that they receive and the care that they take of themselves.collamask price

Symptoms of Emphysema

The symptoms of emphysema are largely the result of the body''s inability to absorb oxygen from the air due to the destruction of the alveoli. A person with the signs of emphysema will likely experience shortness of breath that increases as their lungs continue to break down. They may also experience a cough, but shortness of breath is the primary symptom. Secondary symptoms that are caused by this shortness of breath and lack of oxygen absorption are a blue tint to the lips and fingernails, an in ability to speak, or a lack mental alertness, as well as a faster than usual heartbeat. All of these symptoms are signs of an emergency, and the person experiencing them should have professional medical attention immediately.proengine ultra

Emphysema Treatment

The initial treatment for emphysema is for a person to stop the behavior that caused the emphysema in the first place. From there, it will be necessary to speak to a doctor in order to work out a plan to keep the patient healthier for longer. These treatment plans often include inhalers, oral medication, and/or oxygen therapy.varicofix


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