Dog Health Supplement -Is your dog or cat as healthy as he or she could be?I know you are concerned about the health of your dog or cat.

Dog Health Supplement -Is your dog or cat as healthy as he or she could be?I know you are concerned about the health of your dog or cat.

How good is your dog''s health? Dog health supplement and Cat health supplement is a important subject today. Dog health and cat health can be improved by following the info on this page. Probiotics means “for life”. The microorganisms that live in our digestive systems are good bacteria to fight off bad bacteria, worms and other microorganisms. Please understand that having a pet in your home is not healthy for you. Animals carry parasites. You can get them from your pet. Please don''t let them kiss or lick you or your children in the mouth. You are just asking for health problems. Take my word. If you get parasites you will suffer and you may die. I almost died. I got tape worms from living on a farm and I feel I got Candida from the mercury in my mouth which has been removed. The ADA now admits that mercury fillings can cause candida. I''m not sure if your pets can get candida or not but all parasites are bad and can make you and your pet very ill and can kill. A good dog health supplement is important. At the very least parasites will destroy health. The big thing is your health can be affected by dog health. To learn more about candida click on the link below. Wash your hand after touching your pet. Wash, Wash, Wash, I can''t stress this enough even to help provent flu in your home. Give your dog a good dog health supplement to get rid of the parasites. Click on the colloidal silver link.


Does your pet have digestive problems? I have a friend that put her dog on a vegetable diet along with some meat and it calmed her down. She is not aggressive now and her digestion is better. I’m not an expert on the subject but it worked for her. Could we be feeding our pets more acids foods than they need? Consider this as a part of good dog health practice. Has your pet been on antibiotics recently? This will affect dog health. If so he or she now needs a good probiotic used as a dog health supplement or human health supplement. Does he or she have skin problems,digestive problems or other health problems? Try some Silver-Max, which kills parasites and helps many other problems and use some probiotics to improve the digestion. This is practicing good dog health by using a good dog health supplement.Click on the link below to see the benefits of colloidal silver. Look at the other links to learn more and/ or order colloidal silver and probiotics at the same link you order x2o as a dog health supplement.

colloidal silver A good dog health supplement and human natural antibiotic.

Most health problems today starts with an unhealthy colon. Other professionals say, “Death begins in the colon”. After all I have been through this. I stopped breathing and my heart stopped from parasites in my body. I was trying to kill them off with herbs and I was taking enemas frequently which washed out my minerals. I learned alot during those years. The mercury in my mouth caused the problem which lead to an imbalance in my digestive system and Candida set up. Probiotics kills the Candida and sets up an environment that discourages the overgrowth of the Candida. Candida is a parasite. Your dog will battle worms. You will get them from your dog if you are not careful. Help him get rid of them and protect yourself with a good dog health supplement. Be concerned about good dog health. Educate yourself about dog health supplements. To learn more about my story click on alkalize below. Joint problems in humans and pets seem to be helped by alkalizing. These little things you can do for you pet can greatly help especially in knowing what product to use as a dog health supplement.

Alkalize Learn more about alkalization which is good for your health and dog health also. Health Supplements also good for your pet.

To learn more about health supplements click on the health supplement button above.

So our pets like us must be able to fight off unhealthy organisms. They need friendly bacteria just like we do. So remember to try some silver-max and probiotics for yourself and your pets for a healthy gut using the dog health supplement I tell you about on this page. I hope this subject of dog health and cat health will help you to have a healthy pet and help improve and protect your health as an extra bonus when you use these products as a dog health supplement and human health supplement.Click on the links below to learn more about parasites,probiotics,colloidal silver and how this info can help dog health to improve. One last thing I would like to add is that animal vets are now adding chicory to dog food. This helps digestion and helps establish good bacteria in a dog or other domestic animals. You will be glad you used a dog health supplement. You may only use the colloidal silver,x2o,and probiotics for both dogs and humans. The other products are for animals only. Thanks for visiting my site.

Dog Health is affected by parasites probiotics supplement dog health or human health. colloidal silver kills parasites

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Puppy Training - Good Doggie by Maisy Day

Puppies are cute cuddly and so full of life throughout the infancy stage. It is at this time when puppy training is vital - because believe it or not these cute cuddly little characters can cause so much havoc in the home - with their outbursts of action packed antics all brought on by excitement. Fun it may be at the time but when you waken to find the remains of a chewed slipper- scratch marks on the furniture and puppy poo to mark the pup`s presence then it is time for an obedience check

How do you go about house training a puppy - simple the same as you would potty train a baby? Yes your right it will take time and patience but all worthwhile in the end. To be honest the whole process of puppy training can be quite fulfilling as well as fun. There will be times when you may get frustrated throughout the process but just the fact that you have accomplished what others would see as impossible is an achievement in its self. To have an obedient dog standing at the side of its master (you) will make you proud to be the canines owner. Even evening walks are so much more enjoyable with an obedient dog.

You have to think about safety for yourself and that of your pooch if they are not trained. Dangers by the roadside and where children are concerned - have to be a couple of vital factors why puppy training is important. Puppies need to use the bathroom regular sometimes as much as up to 8 to 10 visits a day - this gradually lessons to about 3 to four times at 30 weeks old Our liittle four legged friends are clean animals but still need nurturing with correction lessons teaching them right from wrong.

If you are going to kennel/crate train the puppy then build the shelter to accommodate the size of the dog to have comfort. Section the kennel in half while the puppy is small and as he/she begins to grow the remove the partition. By not splitting the shelter in two the pup may decide to go to the back of the kennel/crate and leave their mark there.

The kennel/crate should be big enough to permit the dog to stand easily and stretch. As long as the dog can manoeuvre around then that is all that matters. Timing is crucial when puppy training - have a doggie diary with a schedule of times and adhere to them. Work this pattern around what is best suited for you and your dog

For example: 10 to 10:30 am. lead the puppy from the enclosure outside - and always keep to the same spot every day. Remember puppies are like babies they need feeding - so times for this are best after the first morning release - approx 30 minutes. Let the puppy out for a friendly romp around the garden

Leading the puppy from the kennel is an action you have to repeat over and over again at the scheduled times you have in your doggie diary. Before retiring to blanket street take the puppy outside again and let them have a little time to investigate - in other words sniffing every nook and cranny. If you are serious with this practice then let puppy out about 3 am in the morning. It is a good idea to have a catchphrase for the pup to relate to. Words like (want to poo poo) will do the trick. When your puppy is at your side and obeying your commands it is then you will know why that famous saying came about - GOOD DOGGIE.

An obedient dog is a friend for life. Puppy training tips Feathered Friends make great pets also epecially talking ones

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For the at home dog groomer, here is an easy to understand book about dog grooming containing step by step instructions, tricks of the trade, safety tips and more. Read different articles, find dog resources and get free advice at Doggie Dews.

Dog Health

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