5 Characteristics Men Having Healthy Body

5 Characteristics Men Having Healthy Body

The man is known ignored or paid little attention to his health condition. But there are 5 signs that can be seen from a man who showed he has a healthy body.

No need to go out a lot of high costs to know whether the man is healthy or not because there are some signs that could be addressed.thermacuts

1. It has a pink nails
Nails are known can provide clues about a person’s health. Generally, the nail of a healthy person has a pink color, strong and smooth. Changes that occur in the nails can be a signal of health problems, such as respiratory disorders or iron deficiency.probolan 50 prodej

2. Pale yellow urine
The color of urine can be a clue a lot of things like there is an interruption in the kidney or not and whether one’s fluid intake has been fulfilled or not. Abnormal urine color that shows healthy person is pale yellow. But if warnya turned into a thick, could be a person deprived of fluids or dehydration.forte love dosaggio

3. Semen during ejaculation has a total of one teaspoon
A young man is healthy will have as many as 2-5 ml of semen during ejaculation, while the amount of semen will be reduced with age. But if the number is less than 2 ml may be an indication hypospermia, a condition that can affect male fertility. In addition to the amount, color and consistency of semen can also give clues, healthy people have semen white or gray and sticky.testerone xl sammensætning

4. Having a heart rate 70 beats per minute at rest
Number of heart rate at rest is a great indicator of a person’s overall fitness level. Although varied, but males generally have a healthy heart rate at rest as much as 70-75 beats per minute (beats per minute / bpm). If the number is outside this range, there may be an underlying health problem.turbo max blue kasutamine

5. Having skin elastic body
Skin elasticity is commonly used to assess one’s degree of dehydration. If fluid intake is adequate, then the skin will retain its elasticity. To test it just pinches the skin on the back of his hand, if the skin back into shape slowly or longer then it indicates he was dehydrated.derminax erfahrung